Aithent provides solutions to fight fraud and money laundering, manage disputes, and reduce operational and regulatory risk. Whether you want to fill a gap within your existing systems or comprehensively address the entire risk management life cycle across the enterprise, Aithent has a portfolio of solutions designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing IT investments and help you enhance operational efficiency.

Banking Industry Solutions

BSA/AML officers face constantly evolving challenges from criminals and terrorists and from regulators. While criminals and terrorists continue to adapt and invent new ways to launder money, regulators, to counter the ever-increasing threat, are evolving compliance requirements and heightening their focus on enforcement of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and anti-money laundering laws. Aithent’s AML solution delivers a comprehensive platform that leverages state-of-the-art analytics to generate alerts and a comprehensive integrated alert and case management platform to facilitate compliance with all key regulations including BSA, Patriot Act and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) requirements.

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Fraud Management
Banks and credit unions are faced with the constant threat of fraud, a threat that knows no boundary and is prevalent across all channels and payment types. To help fight fraud, Aithent has developed a solution that is case-centric, enterprise ready and allows for the easy ingestion of alerts generated by Aithent analytics-based solutions and third party systems. Aithent provides tools to analyze data easily, build informative reports, and manage teams of analysts and investigators while maintaining a robust audit trail of all actions being taken. The solution empowers users throughout the life cycle of the investigation using workflows and helps identify new patterns that can be used to reduce the risk of known fraud from recurring. With modules to support restitution, Aithent’s solution is designed to support all functions critical to loss prevention.

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Dispute Management
Maintaining an easy to use unauthorized transaction or dispute claim system for your customers is important. It needs to be easy to use to maintain good customer support. With the strict timelines required through regulation E, financial institutions need a dispute solution that will allow for them to quickly and efficiently manage their dispute process.

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Enterprise Case Management
The ever growing products and channels for customer access to their accounts appears to be satisfying your customers’, but it is also attracting the attention of criminals and fraud rings who are trying to hurt your customers and steal your money. Criminals look to exploit any and all vulnerabilities at your financial institution; across product lines and geographic regions. Regardless of institutional size, an enterprise case management system that covers both fraud and BSA AML is needed, that allows for the sharing of information as needed, while keeping cases and sensitive information separate.

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