Financial Crime Management Solutions

Most believe dealing with fraud centers on detection. While detection is important, Aithent doesn’t see it as being the end all.

We say the sounding of an alarm is merely the start of a multi-faceted process that builds intelligence around the incident and leads to a greater ability to prevent fraud.

Case Management Software gives an organization the ability to determine if activity is fraud or just the appearance of it and builds an intelligent knowledge base on fraud that can be effectively used to catch fraudsters and identify new patterns of fraud. Case management is not the back-end of a fraud prevention system. It is the core!

  • That is why Aithent’s focus is singularly on providing the most complete case management software solutions in the market today as they also help in loss prevention.

    Reflective of that is the fact that our solutions easily integrate with other products or systems used to contend with or detect fraud or, for that matter, handle routine processing, reducing data entry and building a fraud information repository that can be used to proactively identify risk while streamlining compliance and audit reporting requirements.

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Aithent’s case management software solutions focus on investigative processes that increase the amount of business fraud intelligence an organization has to better understand the underlying causes of fraud.

This is achieved largely through the identification and comparison of patterns of fraud activity.

Aithent Case Management solutions are secure browser-based and built on J2EE technology, the industry standard for developing portable, robust, scalable and secure server-side Java applications and can be implemented on a variety of platforms; easily supporting the most stringent IT standards.

  • Small-Aithent-Fraud-Manager

    Aithent Fraud Manager

    A comprehensive case management solution to manage the entire fraud lifecycle, including detection, investigation and prevention
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  • Small-Aithent-Dispute-Manager

    Aithent Dispute Manager

    A system designed for banks and credit unions which can automate the process from dispute origination through to resolution
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  • Small-Aithent-Diligence-Manager

    Aithent Diligence Manager

    Provides a holistic approach to identify risky customers, understand their patterns, and investigate any apparent violations in banking procedures
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  • Small-Aithent-Alert-Manager

    Aithent Alert Manager

    A browser-based solution that allows financial institutions to gain control of its flow of alerts
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  • Small-Aithent-SAR-Manager

    Aithent SAR Manager

    A browser-based solution for financial institutions to automate and, thus, accelerate the entire SAR process with far less cost or complexity than imagined
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Key Features


Dashboard illustrates how investigation managers and senior management can see a complete picture of all activities and progress for their teams with the ability to drill down quickly to get more detail.

Case Management

  • Manage all fraud and compliance activities
  • Control cross channel and multiple account fraud cases
  • Connect the dots to find and stop enterprise-level fraud
  • Easily integrate fraud and compliance sources and related Legacy Data
  • Effectively manage Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) and Regulatory Compliance Processes
  • Support Incident Assessment and Decision Process

Graphical Analysis

Identify and graphically represent relationships between multiple cases for easy inferences
ACM - Graphic Analysis

Data Integration

  • Easily integrate fraud and compliance sources and related Legacy Data
  • Pre-investigate – Incident Assessment and Decision Process


  • Configurable security supporting authentication and authorization capabilities
  • Ability to restrict access to cases on screen and reports through application defined authorization rules


  • Allow users to define workflows that best suit organizational needs allowing standardization of the most effective practices for investigating suspicious activity reporting and address compliance requirements

Regulatory Reporting

  • Supports a variety of reports ranging from productivity reports (Key Volume and Metric Reports) to management reports (Case Load by Investigator, Restitution Obtained by Investigators, Effort/Activities of Investigators) to compliance reports (SAR, Annual Reports to State IFB)

Audit Trail

  • Maintains a chronological sequence of user activities on the system, thus providing the capability to reconstruct all the events of a case
ACM is a secure browser-based solution built on the J2EE technology, implemented on a variety of platforms, providing comprehensive support for case management. With a case-centric approach, ACM allows users to define workflows that best suit organizational needs, enabling standardization of the most effective practices to investigate suspicious activities and address organizational compliance requirements. ACM supports the complete Case Life Cycle.


With a focus on case management, ACM supports, through API’s and web services, seamless integration with your existing systems that include detection systems. By allowing users to collate information from multiple detection systems into a single case, ACM improves the quality of suspicious activity reporting. In addition to including a comprehensive set of standard reports, ACM supports both the electronic filing of Suspicious Activity Report’s (SAR’s) and maintains a log of all activities facilitating the audit and review of compliance regulations.


Customers have the flexibility to select the deployment model that best suits their needs and environments.

For organizations that want a fast implementation, minimal demand on their internal IT resources and global access to the application, ACM is available in an ASP or hosted version.

For institutions that want an in house implementation but may not have the internal IT support or environment, Aithent can provide a fully integrated web/database environment that is completely supported by Aithent.

For institutions with IT resources and the need to integrate ACM fully into their existing IT infrastructure, Aithent also provides an on site installation CD, with support from our technical teams to implement the product.

The current version of ACM (release 3.2) runs on the Oracle Database 11g Release 2. It also supports Linux version 5.5 or greater.

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