Deeply involved in helping state and municipal government departments and agencies embrace automated systems to improve performance and quality of service to their constituents, Aithent Government Technology Solutions offers a wealth of experience and innovation to the public sector. In many respects, this Aithent unit is the leader in regulatory automation. Each and every day more than 40 percent of insurance-related regulatory transactions are done on Aithent-developed technology. Solutions by Aithent plays a key role in 22+ states, including Arkansas, Delaware, Maryland, New York and Washington.

Regulators today require cutting-edge technologies and solutions to meet the challenges of regulating the ever-changing market and ensure high-end consumer protection and services as well as effective revenue collection and credentials management for all business operations, professional services, equipment use and recreational activities.

Aithent has leveraged vast experience to create high-value regulatory solutions and a team of highly-skilled professionals with a total of more than 300 person years of experience serving the regulatory arena. Aithent provides solutions that are either Custom off-the-shelf (COTS) or unique and custom to meet specialized requirements. We go beyond the delivery and implementation of solutions. Our capabilities extend to re-engineering and consulting.

Aithent has an exceptionally strong track record in electronic licensing that began in 1995 when we started working with the New York State in the development of an electronic licensing solution to support the state’s insurance regulatory requirements. Today the state continues to work with Aithent and leverages Aithent Licensing System (ALiS), an enhanced licensing system that streamlines and automates many regulatory functions enabling the state to realize significant improvement in productivity. In addition to New York, the states of Arkansas and Washington use Aithent licensing solutions.

In 2002, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), a public-interest organization of the chief insurance regulatory officers of the 50 US states and District of Columbia, licensed Aithent-developed online technology platform for use as a Web-based, workflow-enabled, licensing solution. It has been deployed by the NAIC under the brand State-Based Systems (SBS) in more than 22 states. SBS is used to address licensing of insurance professionals, consumer services, enforcement, revenue management and other functions. Today, more than 40 percent of all insurance regulatory-related transactions are powered by Aithent technology.

Aithent is committed to the acceleration of the automation of licensing and like processes as evidenced by its development of and investment in the Aithent Licensing System (ALiS) which can handle most forms of professional compliance.

For example, Aithent offers a Web-based solution engineered for the entire range of credentialing of insurance carriers, brokers and independent agents. Compliance with governmental and industry regulations can result in fines and disciplinary actions as well as damage to a company’s brand image.

Aithent markets to the insurance industry the Web-based Professional Compliance & Requirements Management (PCRM) system with versions tailored to the needs of carriers, brokers and agents.

PCRM™ allows insurance professionals to focus on their primary business while it tracks the complex requirements of national and regional compliance regulations.

More than an automated manager of a mind-boggling number of processes, PCRM is a critically important, component of a true end-to-end solution that manages the entire lifecycle of a professional’s licensing and compliance requirements, from on-boarding, pre-licensing education, background checks, initial and renewal license processing for resident and non-resident situations, appointment approvals, renewals and terminations as well as continuing education.

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    Aithent Licensing System

    A complete solution for managing the regulatory needs of professional licenses across multiple departments
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Aithent Licensing System (ALiS)

Aithent Licensing System, or ALiS, is a complete solution for managing the regulatory needs of professional licenses across multiple departments and for industry-specific regulatory agencies, like banking, health care and insurance. ALiS is available as a “Custom off-the-shelf (COTS)” solution or a Software as a Service (SaaS) model with add-on services for a range of data management, from legacy system customization that conform with existing business processes as well as information and reports to suit specific needs.

Key Features

Workflow-enabled and repository based design

  • Definable workflows for different applications and regulatory services, tracking of all active workflows with a To-Do list managing pending tasks for authorized users
  • Customization of business processes for different agency/departments along with the ability to create different functions forms using existing components with minimal coding efforts

Online portal

  • Online User registration and administration service
  • Online portal for new license applications and other licensing services
  • Seamless integration of online portal with agency users’ system through managed workflows

System security and role-based user authorization

  • Authentication and authorization management for applicants/licensees for online submission of applications/other license processing requests over internet
  • Ability to manage role based user authorizations and manage view and modify access to information

Multi-agency solution

  • Definable Boards/Professions
  • Each Board/Profession can have one or more type of Licenses


  • Issuing licenses and maintenance based on the above configurable settings
  • Support for multiple license types with user definable renewal periods
  • Generic and user definable licensing components to define and apply fee for different license applications, add questionnaire on forms and track related document requirements, apply audit checks to track completion of forms (or application) processing
  • Complete support for license renewal process management, renewal notices, processes of expiration and inactivation of licenses beyond a certain time period after expiry
  • Evaluation and auditing process for the new license application and renewal, tracks credits, documentation and other regulatory requirements
  • Ability to configure and customize evaluation process for different type of licenses
  • Fee collection and online electronic payments
  • Ability to allow licensees and other external entities to interact with system via internet
  • Ability to view status of applications, renewal and other online requests


  • Interface with exam results to verify education status for each licensee and Continuing Education Units (CEU) verification process, support for both pre-licensing and continuing education programs
  • Upload and download of exam results for national boards

Continuing Education

  • Tracking continuing education requirements for each profession and license type
  • Track CE courses and number of hours
  • Track and manage license audit checklist


  • Define inspection schedule and provide alerts
  • Record and manage inspection results
  • Support for inspection process on mobile devices
  • Tracking of inspection results and interface to enforcement module

Complaints and Case Management

  • Record complaints with complainant information
  • Tracking, editing, monitoring and processing of complaints
  • Assign investigators and interface to Aithent Case Management
  • Interface with licensing and enforcement


  • Recording of receipts and batches
  • Check endorsement
  • Payment linked to licenses and licensee
  • Processing of insufficient funds, returns and refunds
  • Online payment through credit cards and Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

Correspondence and inquiry

  • Print Licenses and certificates
  • Notifications, filing confirmations to licensees via e-mail and letters, ability to print certificates and forms online, view submitted initial forms etc.


  • Standard set of reports and mailing labels
Custom Development / Consulting

Apply Aithent’s Experience to the Toughest Technology Challenges

Aithent provides the following services for developing a custom solution:

  • Business analysis and consultancy
  • Data migration services
  • Architecture and deployment configuration identification
  • Requirements and prototyping
  • Design
  • Development and testing
  • Online portal services over existing systems using SaaS (Software as a service) with ZERO initial cost
  • Training and User Acceptance
  • Technical and user documentation