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Aithent Business Analytics Solutions offers organizations in financial services, government, health care and retail an affordable and effective way to transform diverse data sources into actionable information and insight. The main components of this framework are enterprise data management, business analysis/reporting and predictive analytics.

Drawing on 20 years experience working with entities involved in high volume data, Aithent has created offerings such as fraud management and control solutions to help customers save millions of dollars. Aithent’s analytics capabilities also provide deep understanding of business drivers such as customer buying behavior, customer segments, product sales performance and fraud patterns, all of which get delivered to end-users within your organization quickly and securely.

Those end-users may be business analysts, power users seeking ad hoc reporting or senior executives who may want a rapid read of the most pertinent information through dashboards.

Aithent has adopted two key technologies to serve as engines for its analytics solutions: SAS and Informatica, applying the strengths of each as appropriate in the information delivery landscape.

The flow of information for decisions requires extensive data management both at the department and enterprise levels. These include accessing the required data sources (extraction), integration, data modeling and storage (loading) for further “exploitation”. Informatica and SAS-based solutions allow Aithent to address all three components of data management, business analysis & reporting and predictive analytics. Creating such a system will allow users to quickly answer a wide range of questions about their business. These strategic inquiries include: who are my best customers; how can I boost profitability; how are key performance indicators of the company doing across the organization and why; how should resources be deployed to maximize future profits and reduce costs?

Aithent’s user-centric orientation as well as an unwavering commitment to agility, quality and cost effectiveness differentiates it from the competition.

In simplest terms, we break our offering into three areas: enterprise data management, business analysis and reporting and predictive analytics. By doing so, we can work with you to focus on a specific area of need or devise and deploy a true end-to-end solution.


Aithent is an SAS Alliance Partner and an Informatica INFORM Partner

Enterprise Data Management

Aithent Business Analytics Solutions can address all issues and aspects of data management, including master data management, metadata management and data quality in ways that improves the flow of high data volumes and ensures quality and manageability of that which moves through to become useful information.

Once that is achieved, we devise access protocols for those who need the information, evaluate it and use it in ways that serve them best so security and data integrity are not compromised.

Business Analysis & Reporting
The business analyst and user’s task it is to conduct rapid yet thorough ad hoc assessments of the data to view both granular and summarized data. Such reports need flexibility and availability features as it provides management a full view of what is happening in the company today and is strictly based on data that is accessible and readily available to them. Whether it be point and click, or drag and drop interfaces, Aithent provides diverse users just the reports needed when they need it, designed to slice across dimensions such as geography, time and product categories. The reports, when delivered with speed and accuracy, can provide a degree of confidence to managers about the company’s performance.

Predictive Analytics
Most of the decisions reached using business analytics are driven by historical data. The premise being that the patterns of the past can serve as templates for the future and serve as aids to the decision-making process.

Aithent Business Analytics Solutions knows that the higher the degree of certainty that can be built into the choices a business makes, the more likely they prove out in the form of positive outcomes. As such, we allow an organization to harness its knowledge to look to the future with a clear vision and high confidence.

Our predictive analytics services help to leverage this historical data to look into future trends and patterns, whether it is customer behavior or simply looking at key business measures of profits, sales and costs. Each of these predictive models requires the use of data mining techniques that would read high volumes of data from the past and present to display indicators for the future. Such solutions have helped telecom companies understand which customer is likely to cancel services or help retail companies identify returns on investment on the right products or help financial institutions plan for pre-emptive actions that will mitigate risk, whether credit, market or operational in nature.