• Aithent Fraud Manager

    A comprehensive case management solution to manage the entire fraud lifecycle, including detection, investigation and prevention
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  • Aithent Dispute Manager

    A system designed for banks and credit unions which can automate the process from dispute origination through to resolution
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  • Aithent Diligence Manager

    Provides a holistic approach to identify risky customers, understand their patterns, and investigate any apparent violations in banking procedures
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  • Aithent Alert Manager

    A browser-based solution that allows financial institutions to gain control of its flow of alerts
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  • Aithent SAR Manager

    A browser-based solution for financial institutions to automate and, thus, accelerate the entire SAR process with far less cost or complexity than imagined
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  • Aithent Ombudsman

    Presents the workflow and document management capabilities to help governments improve relationships both, with and for their citizens Read More

  • Aithent IP Manager

    A comprehensive case management solution for intellectual property violation investigations.
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  • Aithent Licensing System

    A complete solution for managing the regulatory needs of professional licenses across multiple departments
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