Aithent Fraud Manager

Aithent Fraud Manager


Aithent Fraud Manager is a comprehensive case management solution to manage the entire fraud life cycle, including detection, investigation and prevention.

  • Aithent Fraud Manager is a part of our comprehensive case management solution for financial crime investigations and is a proven efficient solution that expedites the investigative process and helps to prevent additional loss of revenues from the outset.

    Every institution that faces the threat of fraud needs to be proactive and use the right management tools to prevent and investigate possible fraud. Of equal importance is the need to have in-place a fraud management system that addresses all aspects of the Bank Secrecy Act as well as contend with complex money laundering schemes to ensure regulatory compliance as protection of the institution’s stakeholders.

An Aithent Case Management Solution deployed throughout an enterprise, across multiple business segments as a single database empowers the organization to understand and mitigate fraud risk effectively. Collaboration, workflow, document management, alert management, interactive investigation and on-demand reporting capabilities streamline the investigative processes.

Fraud investigators or analysts begin using Aithent Fraud Manager to create profiles of individual cases. As others are added, a correlation process proactively detects patterns of fraud. This alerts case managers to the fraud so funds are not paid out improperly. Fraud Management features include access to multiple reports that summarize, detail key statistics and metrics and functions to redirect investigations, if necessary, re-assign cases and more.

Features & Benefits

Using a wide variety of advanced detection engines and state-of-the-art analytical investigation components, Aithent Fraud Manager combats and deters fraud effectively.

Total View Dashboard

Dashboard provides a complete perspective of all investigations, financials, and more.

Improved Productivity

Reduce manual inputs by fully integrating with your core processor and other systems to provide users with comprehensive customer and transaction data.

Audit Trail

Aithent Fraud Manager maintains a complete audit trail of every step taken.


Apply analytics to alerts from detection systems to focus on the most important items.

Link Analysis

Uncover complex fraudulent patterns through Link Analysis which provides a graphical representation of entities and cases that share common data fields. Link the cases together for easy tracking across multiple cases.

Comprehensive Case Data

Attach any and all relevant files to a case. There are no restrictions; attach letters, affidavits, spreadsheets, videos, web shots, and much more.


Automate your best practices and workflows to ensure better compliance with both internal and external policies

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