Technology Services

Technology Services

Aithent Technology Transformation Solutions is focused on providing consulting and project services to organizations that need to migrate to new technology platforms or entirely new solutions to compete in today’s competitive business environment. It offers services in hardware and software platform management, custom application development and project strategy and analysis. Organizations that have taken advantage of this unique set of capabilities include some of the largest banks in North America, major insurance companies and a range of governments, including the City of New York.

Legacy Migration Solutions

Aithent Platform Management centers on the many ways our company can help yours.

Our approach is straight-forward, in that, after assessing your current infrastructure, we:

  • Make the most of in-place technology
  • Prepare for future technology
  • Help you embrace future technology now
  • Do it all efficiently and cost-effectively

Aithent’s capabilities in this area include:

  • Legacy Migration Solutions
  • Specialized Staffing

Aithent Legacy Migration Solutions Help Keep Your System Performing at State-of-the-Art Levels

Recognizing that improvement does not always mean leaving the past behind, Aithent Legacy Migration Solutions represents a proven way to deal with the challenge of moving to new development environments or system architectures while keeping the value of your legacy applications intact, if not enhanced.

Whether you need to migrate, modernize or transform legacy applications or systems, Aithent Legacy Migration Solutions manages the entire process in a more controllable and predictable manner, with minimal risk.

Aithent has a strong track record devising and delivering this kind of solution, having worked with some of the largest banks in North America, the IT units of several U.S. state governments, insurance companies and software firms, among others.

Our domain expertise crosses all major technology platforms, including Java and .NET as well as several database forms. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in six categories, an HP Business Partner in the Developer and Solutions Programs with a specialization in HP e3000 / HP 9000 transition or migration, and a business partner with both IBM and Oracle.

Aithent has acknowledged expertise in migrating and porting applications; able to support you during the entire migration process to deliver a highly-effective solution.

Migration services include:

  • Migration assessment, planning and analysis
  • Mission-critical applications preservation
  • Seamless migration with no or minimal modification to source code
  • Full interoperability between existing legacy and modern platforms
  • Database migration
  • Risk mitigation via a phased-migration

If your decision is to transition to a new platform, Aithent will provide:

  • Software evaluation and recommendation
  • Project management
  • Custom programming and development
  • System integration
  • Database conversion
  • Conversion tools recommendation and support
  • Risk mitigation via a phased-migration
  • Dedicated post go-live support

Aithent migration and integration services can assist you to safely and cost-effectively move your legacy applications as well as improve and add functionality during the process.

Specialized Staffing

Aithent Platform Management centers on the many ways our company can help yours.

Our approach is straight-forward, in that, after assessing your current infrastructure, we:

  • Make the most of in-place technology
  • Prepare for future technology
  • Help you embrace future technology now
  • Do it all efficiently and cost-effectively

Aithent’s capabilities in this area include:

  • Legacy Migration Solutions
  • Specialized Staffing

Aithent Specialized Staffing – An On-demand IT Resource

Aithent is more than a software company. It is an organization that gathers and channels its experience in developing productized solutions to devise unique answers to one-of-a-kind challenges. We offer this capability in two forms:

  • Professional Services
  • Project & Program Management

Aithent Services: Two Decades of Expertise
Aithent has been providing professional staffing services based upon the simple premise that great people lead to great results. We’ve seen that work well for twenty years. Aithent can provide great technical resources to fill critical roles within your organization. Our focus continues to be on project management outsourcing and not shipping bodies to provide support.

Industries where we have an unsurpassed track record include financial services, government, health care, technology and life sciences.

Aithent understands that yours is an evolving business with needs that change upon changing market conditions. Given that, we provide on-demand professional consulting services that let you augment your team’s strength to manage, develop, maintain, support or evaluate software investments and ensure their market advantage. Aithent professionals are not only world-class resources but they possess industry-specific knowledge so they’re productive from Day 1.

Aithent Project & Program Management: Optimum Results Through Partnering

Aithent brings a rigor and discipline to your project that is borne out of the fact our project managers are well-versed on Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK) processes.

We implement a rigid governance model to all project management activities to provide full PMI compliance. Our own Project Management Information System (PMIS) is an integral part of all projects we undertake. Known as Knowledge Management System (KMS), it allows us to closely manage all project management plans and key deliverables necessary to carry out the project. KMS also tracks task allocation as well as cost analysis and provides a formal communication workflow to all stakeholders of the project or program.


Custom Development

Aithent’s approach to delivering quality software has three components:

  • People

    A qualified team with domain expertise that is able to address development issues, training, consulting and support services to ensure successful execution of the solution

  • Process

    A modern, risk-reducing process

  • Technology

    A set of tools that automate the software development process that reduces and improves productivity

By successfully blending people, process and technology on your development project, Aithent reduces risk while enhancing the ability to deliver quality development services over and over again.

Aithent is a SEI CMM Level 5 company, the highest rating offered by the Software Engineering Institute, a unit of Carnegie-Mellon University dealing with process improvement methods that can yield both quality and enhanced performance. This designation labels Aithent as an organization with proven, mature processes that provide quality solutions. Beyond that, it allows us the capability to customize our processes without compromising quality to meet your unique needs as well as exceed your expectations.

We have development teams that specialize in:

  • Application Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Object-oriented design
  • Agile Modeling and Development
  • eXtreme Programming (XP)
  • Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)

Areas of Expertise

Aithent professionals are skilled in working with .NET, Java and Open Source application environments

QA & Testing
Aithent’s QA and testing services ensure that applications are rigorously tested, using industry-standard testing methods and QA processes. Aithent follows the most stringent quality procedures and standards and work in a structured environment, in full compliance with SEI CMM Level 5 standards, in creating its own software-based solutions and applies the same demanding requirements in testing yours.

Aithent offers a complete range of software QA and testing services by maximizing software application quality, performance and availability while managing risks and costs.

Numerous studies show that development efforts run over budget and schedule because insufficient QA and testing efforts were made. The reason that has become so prevalent is that test often represents a major expense item in the overall development budget.

Aithent QA & Test offers the advantage of utter thoroughness and real affordability.

The reasons for using an highly-qualified, independent source for your QA and testing needs include:

  • To achieve an objective, impartial and unbiased testing environment
  • To leverage industry best practices
  • To promote quality acceleration within your organization
  • To provide the required focus on QA processes and testing activities with greater accountability and traceability
  • To manage financial risk and ensure cost containment
  • To develop expertise on a range of testing tools
  • To heighten the likelihood your development effort with be done on time, on budget and with positive results

Testing Services

Software testing is an extremely crucial phase of the software development lifecycle. Developers face customers who expect 100 percent flawlessly functioning applications. Your software product must be free from technical anomalies to ensure fewer customer complaints, greater customer satisfaction and maximum customer retention rates. A well-tested application, product or service is a necessity.

Aithent offers testing services that cover the full spectrum of needs that arise during software development, including:

  • Functional testing to get business requirements validated
  • Product analysis testing to compare features, compatibility, pricing, etc.
  • Compatibility testing to determine suitability to different environments
  • Migration testing to ensure data integrity when it is moved from one database to another or when a database is upgraded
  • Server-level testing to ensure integration with and flow of data in complex architectures with different layers of servers
  • Verification testing done at the system level to ensure smooth functioning of an application before it is released to production
  • Automated testing to speed the process with a variety of tools, all of which are well-familiar to Aithent
  • White box testing used at the unit level with tools like JUnit and NUnit
  • Configuration testing done on an ongoing basis
  • Database testing which draws on Aithent’s deep experience in the database testing and migration areas