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Aithent Ticketing System (ATS) is a web-based application designed to collect, track, and manage issues raised by customers.


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Aithent Ticketing System

Aithent Ticketing System (ATS) is a web-based application designed to collect, track, and manage issues raised by customers. We have an expert team of ATS architects, developers, and testers to help you with ATS Implementation, consulting, and custom application development. ATS application is tailored from small business to large enterprise customers struggling with their Issue management system.

The user can create a ticket manually and automatically send emails to the specified email ID. It will create a ticket and be assigned to the respective user(s), configured in ATS Application. So, it will simplify the ticket creation process and assign. Individual team members can review and delegate to someone or close the Ticket based on the issues/requirement/query/Enhancement. You can track all the tasks/issues effortlessly.

ATS is one of the best issue tracking systems to create, update, and resolve reported customer issues or even issues reported by that organization’s other employees. ATS makes it easy to follow, prioritize, and solve tickets without the risk of information falling through the cracks. By placing all issues in an organized system, it’s much easier to build a process to make the most of that information.

ATS makes it effortless for teams to access and manage all information from one centralized hub. In ATS, the Ticket refers to the issues that arise in the applications. Clients can log in and create tickets to raise and track topics.

ATS – Features And Solution Highlights

  • Collaborative Work Environment: ATS provides a collaborative environment in which the users can share data with other team members.
  • Efficient Management of Investigations:
    • Working in a collaborative environment streamlines the process to track the Ticket’s progress, thereby enabling the Managers to track the tickets more efficiently.
    • The Managers can quickly identify the members assigned to each Ticket, track tickets’ progress, and generate reports on the tickets/tasks.
  • Confidentiality of Sensitive Ticket Data: ATS offers confidentiality of sensitive data through:
    • User Authentication: Only authenticated users are allowed to access the application.
    • User Authorization: Access permissions are defined to ensure that the Users can access authorized data.
  • Secure: ATS has a built-in security system. Security is enforced by creating User accounts for all application Users and granting them the appropriate access permissions.
  • Robust Search Functionality: Users can avail of complex searches for Tickets using. They can search by the Ticket subject, Ticket number, and a host of other options.
  • Reporting Capabilities: Canned reports are provided in ATS that enabling users to analyze ticket data. Users can monitor the progress of the Ticket.
  • Personalization: Users can personalize ATS to suit their day-to-day needs.
  • Application Administration: ATS offers various options to configure drop list data, users, access privileges, etc.
  • Integration: Integration of the ticketing system with the Project Management tools is an added advantage. ATS integrates out of the box with the “Tuleap” Project management System, which can send/receive bugs/tasks back and forth between ATS & Tuleap Project management system. Similar integrations are possible with other industry-standard tools for seamless task management.

How ATS is Beneficial For You

  • Capture, organize and solve issues efficiently.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): The Aithent’s Issue Management systems are easy to deploy and maintain with available skills.
  • Reliability: Robust error handling features to identify and rectify system issues efficiently.
  • Real-time reporting and systems integrations.
  • With ATS, you can manage the Ticket’s history and who are all working on the system
  • Problem-solve at lightning speed
  • Built-in security system
  • Efficient Management the tickets
  • The system will track and tickets SLA progress

What We Offer with ATS

ATS gives you everything you need to integrate with Issue Management System.

  • ATS makes it easy for your team to identify issues as soon as they arise.
  • Tickets are assigned unique reference numbers and statuses to help teams manage and prioritize their workflow.
  • To stay on track, teams can also set up alerts in ATS for tickets that agents haven’t responded to promptly.
  • With ATS’s built-in issue tracking system, the support team can quickly identify the issues when customers raise them. Agents can use the information gained from Aithent’s issue tracker to notify the software development team of bugs or create new self-help resources for customers.
  • By identifying problems early, your team can take action swiftly to ensure customer satisfaction isn’t interrupted.

Value Differentiators

  • A highly experienced team of ATS architects, developers, and testers.
  • 5 + successful ATS implementations and 10 satisfied customers.
  • Application Maintenance & 365/24*7 Support