Aithent Licensing System (ALiS)

A Simplified Solution for Licensing, Certification, and Permitting

Aithent Licensing System (ALiS) is an easy-to-use, web-based solution for automating the management of all licensing, certification, and permitting processes.


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Enhance Safety, Streamline Processes, and Empower Your Agency

ALiS Challenges

Are you struggling to manage complex regulations and licensing processes?

Aithent Inc. presents ALiS, Aithent Licensing System, an easy-to-use, web-based solution designed to automate and optimize all licensing, certification, and permitting processes. With over 25 years of experience serving state and local agencies, ALiS is the ultimate choice for streamlining licensing and permitting related regulatory processes.

25 Years of Excellence in delivering Licensing and Permitting Solutions.

At Aithent Inc., we understand the challenges that government agencies face in managing complex licensing, and enforcement activities to better protect their constituents. ALiS reflects our experience and learnings working with regulators of all sizes across numerous states. ALiS is an intuitive, web-based solution designed to streamline and automate all aspects of licensing, certification, and Enforcement processes, providing agencies with a unique configurable solution that supports the entire life cycle.

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Key Features and Benefits


Streamlined Workflows

Boost agency efficiency, reduce manual errors, and improve constituent experience.

SaaS Offering with Enhanced Security

Reduce implementation time significantly, lower ownership costs, and protect sensitive data.

Enterprise-Grade Deployment

Scale your operations effortlessly, add new divisions with in the same agency without impacting existing ones.

Highly Configurable and No-Code Business Rules

Adapt ALiS to align perfectly with your agency’s unique requirements.

Centralized Licensing & Inspections Framework

Effortlessly manage individual and Corporate licenses and permits.

Real-time Analytics & Pattern Recognition

Make data-driven decisions, detect trends, and optimize processes.
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Security & Data Control

Safeguard sensitive information, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

Predictive & Behavioral Rules

Enhance accuracy, reduce manual intervention, and expedite decision-making processes.

Unleash the Power of ALiS


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Centralized Licensing & Inspections Framework: ALiS provides a generic online licensing and inspections framework with highly configurable components. Define new licenses, permits, endorsements, and inspection forms effortlessly.

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Effortlessly manage individual and non-indi- vidual licenses and permits, offering multiple types for initial licensing, renewals, reinstatements, and information amendments.

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Security & Data Control: ALiS offers robust security features, allowing administrators to control information sharing. Only authorized users with appropriate access rights can view sensitive data.

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Safeguard sensitive information, ensure compliance with data privacy regulations, and maintain confidentiality.

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Real-time Analytics & Pattern Recognition: Instantly access information through ALiS for real-time analytics, empowering your agency with valuable insights and pattern recognition capabilities.

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Make data-driven decisions, detect trends, and optimize processes with the power of big data analytics.

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Predictive & Behavioral Rules: Leverage ALiS's cuttng-edge technology to set up predictive and behavioral rules, streamlining processes based on historical data and patterns.

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Enhance accuracy, reduce manual intervention, and expedite decision-making processes with automated rule configurations.

ALiS: Empowering Agencies Worldwide


ALiS is the ultimate licensing and regulatory process management system designed to transform the way agencies operate. Experience the ease of streamlined workflows, enhanced security, and real-time analytics with ALiS.

Join the ranks of satisfied agencies already benefiting from our revolutionary solution.

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