A myriad of new financial offerings has increased the complexity of risks faced by government regulatory agencies as well as the regulated businesses.

Aithent Case Management (ACM) ensures no criminal or fraudulent activity is missed due to vulnerabilities across product lines and geographic regions.

With a case-centric approach supporting the complete case life cycle, ACM allows users to define workflows that best suit their organizational needs; this enables standardization of the most effective practices to investigate suspicious activities and address organizational compliance requirements. ACM brings together the all the siloed department data into one system, enabling each department to be aware of the other’s activities. Aithent enables users to begin working with the system more quickly, capturing the data that will drive operations forward, accelerating the implementation and ROI.

Aithent Case Management

Improving AML and fraud detection or policy development continue to remain crucial activities for the government officer, agency or department. ACM supports:

  • Investigative case management for the life-cycle of a case

  • Controlled information sharing for collaboration

  • Workflows that streamline and document administrative processes

The use of event streaming as a feed into the predictive analysis capabilities improves the accuracy of the results as required by many government architectures.

Scalable, Sophisticated and Complete Case Management

Regardless of a government agency or department’s size, the highly scalable ACM is a sophisticated and complete case management solution that allows information sharing while keeping cases and sensitive information separated. Collaboration, workflow, document management, alert management, interactive and on-demand reporting capabilities are inherent capabilities for ACM. ACM functionality includes the generation and pre-population of forms along with electronic submission of compliance records for regulations as it streamlines and documents the administrative processes.

Key Features

  • Smart case management platform
  • Support for electronic filings
  • Pre-population of forms
  • Roles-based permissions
  • Manages ALM and fraud risks
  • Secure browser-based solution
  • Better understand patterns of ALM and fraud
  • Monitors across product lines and geographic regions

Enhance your Case management

The highly scalable ACM is a sophisticated and smart case management solution that supports the complete case life-cycle while keeping cases and sensitive information separated.