The Aithent / Quinte Partnership

Since 1991, Aithent has provided domain expertise that delivers proven technology innovations that support our clients’ digital transformation strategies and information management needs. We deliver:

  • High-Value, Flexible, Scalable Solutions
  • Business Process Management Platforms
  • Case Management Systems and Tools
  • Data Smart Solutions Leverage Analytics

Aithent Solutions

Aithent’s highly scalable and flexible process management platforms are applied to enhance operational efficiencies for organizations worldwide, across the following industries:

Banking and Financial Services

Government Agencies

Insurance Providers

Healthcare Institutions

Business Solutions Providers

Quinte Financial Technologies provides credit unions, banks and other types of financial institutions with a broad range of platform-agnostic applications to:

  • Detect and Mitigate Financial Fraud
  • Address Regulatory Compliance
  • Support Back-Office Operational Demands
  • Reduce Member / Customer Friction
  • Compete Cost-Effectively Against Larger Financial Institutions

QuintEssential Solutions™

Through our portfolio of back-office support solutions, Quinte helps clients to address business continuity and customer experience requirements, both in normal conditions and during high-demand periods. Our QuintEssential Solutions™ cover:

Fraud Analysis / Mitigation

AML Compliance

Mortgage Application / Underwriting

Loan Processing

Contact Center Support

Dispute Resolution