Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Aithent EHR is a highly advanced, scalable Electronic Health Records system that is designed by a team that has over 30 years of experience in building systems for healthcare providers in the US and across the globe.

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Trusted by leading agencies, Aithent EHR is built using the most advanced technology stack and includes functionalities that are meant to facilitate maximum automation and digitization of information related to patient data in a variety of health care settings.

Aithent’s Electronic Health Records system comes equipped with a set of features that are designed to fulfill almost all the needs of the health care providers out -of-the-box and comply with the most stringent of regulations stipulated by the health care industry.

Aithent EHR comes custom built with the following features


Centralized Patient Information

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Our EHR system provides a centralized repository for storing and accessing patient health information, eliminating the need for paper records and multiple systems.

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It enables healthcare providers to quickly access a patient's medical history, lab results, medications, and other vital data, leading to more informed decision-making and improved patient care.


Streamlined Workflow

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Our EHR system streamlines clinical workflows, enabling healthcare providers to efficiently document patient encounters, order tests, prescribe medications, and generate referrals.

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Automated processes and integrated features reduce administrative tasks, allowing healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care.

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Interoperability and Data Exchange

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Our EHR system facilitates seamless interoperability and secure data exchange between different healthcare providers and organizations.

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It supports standardized data formats and protocols, enabling efficient sharing of patient information, referrals, and lab results, leading to better care coordination and reduced medical errors.

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Decision Support and Analytics

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Our EHR system incorporates clinical decision support tools that provide evidence-based guidelines, alerts, and reminders to support healthcare providers in making accurate diagnoses and treatment decisions.

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It also offers robust analytics capabilities, allowing healthcare organizations to analyze patient data, identify trends, and improve quality of care and outcomes.


Patient Engagement

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Our EHR system includes patient portals and mobile applications that empower patients to access their health records, schedule appointments, communicate with their healthcare providers, and actively participate in their own care.

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It promotes patient engagement, education, and adherence to treatment plans, leading to improved patient satisfaction and outcomes.


Security and Compliance

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Our EHR system adheres to industry-standard security measures to protect patient data from unauthorized access, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations such as HIPAA.

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Robust data backup, encryption, and user access controls are implemented to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of patient information.

Certified Partners

Our strategic partnerships ensure we deliver the optimum technology for the solution deployed for your business.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
JHA VIP Partner
SaS Silver Partner

To learn more about our EHR system and how it can transform your healthcare practice, please download our comprehensive EHR factsheet. The factsheet provides detailed information about the features, benefits, and specifications of our EHR system, helping you make an informed decision about implementing our solution in your organization.

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