Fraud and suspicious activity is rarely confined to one vertical at a financial institution. Often times it spans across multiple verticals. What is discovered as money laundering may have originated as illicit gains through check kiting. It is important for each department to be able to share information. With an enterprise solution, the BSA AML team performing a periodic high risk customer review will be able to automatically determine if the same customer was previously investigated for card fraud. Additionally, a security or fraud department filing a suspicious activity report (SAR) can quickly send it to the BSA team for review and filing from within the same system.

Enterprise Case Management

Features & Benefits
  • Aithent provides a high tech solution with the following features & benefits:
    • Analytics: Leverage predictive and behavioral rules to detect high risk customers/activity, suspicious activity, and fraudulent activity
    • Automated Branch Forms: Branch forms such as unauthorized transaction, fraud information form, policy exception and more can be digitized and automated directly into one system
    • Form Queue: Dispute forms can be automatically assigned to analysts or allow for analysts to ‘grab’ the next available dispute
    • Alert Manager: Assign, decision, and track alerts all from one screen
    • Ad-hoc reporting: Build and design reports specifically suited for your institutional needs
    • SAR E-filing: Automatically trigger, track, and electronically submit fraud Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs)
    • Letter Generation: Generate and prepopulate provisional credit, affidavits, restitution letters and much more from investigative cases
    • Comprehensive Case Management: Fully investigate your instances of fraud, discover trends, and build reports
  • Enterprise Case Management
Why Aithent

Aithent’s enterprise case management solution combines the functionality of our BSA AML, fraud management, and dispute management solutions into one system. This ensures that no criminal or fraudulent activity slips between the cracks. It brings together all of the silo’d departments onto one system where the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. With strict permissions and role based users, information is automatically restricted between units but may be shared on a per need basis. Whether you have a team of one or a team of one hundred, Aithent has a tailored solution to work for you.
With Aithent you will receive excellent support throughout the lifetime of our solutions, quick deployment, industry experts to guide you through set up with best practices and workflows.

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Fraud Management

Banks and credit unions are faced with the constant threat of fraud, a threat that knows no boundary and is prevalent across all channels and payment types. To help fight fraud, Aithent has developed a solution that is case-centric, enterprise ready and allows for the easy ingestion of alerts generated by Aithent analytics-based solutions and third party systems. Aithent provides tools to analyze data easily, build informative reports, and manage teams of analysts and investigators while maintaining a robust audit trail of all actions being taken. The solution empowers users throughout the life cycle of the investigation using workflows and helps identify new patterns that can be used to reduce the risk of known fraud from recurring. With modules to support restitution, Aithent’s solution is designed to support all functions critical to loss prevention.
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BSA/AML Solution

BSA/AML officers face constantly evolving challenges from criminals and terrorists and from regulators. While criminals and terrorists continue to adapt and invent new ways to launder money, regulators, to counter the ever-increasing threat, are evolving compliance requirements and heightening their focus on enforcement of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and anti-money laundering laws. Aithent’s AML solution delivers a comprehensive platform that leverages state-of-the-art analytics to generate alerts and a comprehensive integrated alert and case management platform to facilitate compliance with all key regulations including BSA, Patriot Act and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) requirements.
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Maintaining an easy to use unauthorized transaction or dispute claim system for your customers is important. It needs to be easy to use to maintain good customer support. With the strict timelines required through regulation E, financial institutions need a dispute solution that will allow for them to quickly and efficiently manage their dispute process.
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