Aithent Dispute Manager can be shared by geographically dispersed branches and call centers ensuring that every dispute is investigated in the same way, maintaining your institution’s brand image.

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Managing disputes is essential to mitigating risks and reducing operating costs while improving customer loyalty and operational efficiencies.

Aithent Dispute Manager (ADM) is an end-to-end, comprehensive dispute management system automating the entire dispute lifecycle and helps ensure that you comply with regulations; e.g. Reg E compliance for debit cards and ACH transactions.

Merchant disputes and unauthorized transactions are a major issue that financial institutions face today. ADM simplifies the administration of these and other types of disputes in a simple intuitive way. As dispute details are gathered either by the service representative or the card holder using a handheld device or even over the web within the financial institution’s portal, ADM populates data fields with records imported from the core processor automating data entry regarding account and transaction details. ADM reduces regulatory and operational risks ensuring Reg E compliance, automates standard policies and procedures related to disputes, and additionally has the ability to generate letters.

ADM offers a broad set of comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities for dispute activities. ADM provides summary and detailed reports covering:

  • Provisional credit time-frames on all disputes
  • Number of disputes processed
  • Future dispute workflows
  • Disputes for various categories such as stolen or counterfeit, etc.
  • Number of disputes denied
  • Analyst activities and productivity

Adherence to standard charge-off procedures ensures provisional and final credits while chargebacks follow predefined business policies for the governing entity e.g., MasterCard or Visa; this ensures a more rapid turnaround of the chargeback enhancing the customer experience while reducing chargeback losses. Financial institution’s dispute process is significantly improved, made more secure and efficient with ADM helping them better serve their customers and compete in an always on and connected world.


Streamlining the processing of each dispute


Automatic tracking of regulatory event dates


Allowing investigators to focus on the dispute

Aithent Dispute Manager

Quick dispute resolutions are critical to building strong, loyal customer relationships and a positive business image. ADM helps financial institutions meet these challenges by:

  • Streamlining the processing of each dispute
  • Automatic tracking of regulatory event dates
  • Allowing investigators to focus on the dispute

ADM automates standard policies and procedures related to dispute processes to ensure all dots in the dispute life cycle are connected reliably and consistently. With ADM, dispute analysts can very quickly ascertain whether there are multiple disputes for the same cardholder or whether there are multiple cardholders having disputes with the same merchant. Additionally, with support for CAMS, analysts can quickly determine whether the dispute is related to a known data breach allowing the financial institution to take immediate and effective action.

Transforming Dispute Data into an Actionable Repository

Successful dispute process models rest on the ability of financial institutions to access data that provides a continuous flow of dispute knowledge. ADM simplifies the management of complex disputes with multiple dispute types and their relationships across multiple accounts and lines of business. Supporting both management and the dispute team needs, ADM stores every dispute in a centralized, accessible, and actionable repository where there is a complete audit trail of every step taken for each record. ADM offers multiple customizable reports of disputes which can be downloaded into PDF or Excel formats.

Combined with Aithent Fraud Manager, a single repository can be maintained by a financial institution enabling stronger mitigation of operational risks by the institution’s staff and management.

To discover more about the Aithent Disputes Manager:

Reimagining Disputes

Key Features

  • Comprehensive dispute case management system
  • Simplify compliance with Regulation E timeframes
  • Manage unauthorized transactions
  • Automate dispute forms
  • Improve productivity and customer loyalty
  • Profile patterns and dispute activity to minimize risks
  • Precise searching and Ad hoc reporting
  • Configurable dashboards
  • Letter module