Financial institutions require an affordable and effective way to transform diverse and siloed Big Data into actional information and insight.

With Umaizi patterns can be easily identified and serve as templates to aid the decision-making process.

Umaizi helps management gain a deep understanding of business drivers such as customer/member buying behavior and segments, product sales performance and fraud patterns; this information can be delivered to staff within the organization quickly and securely. The Umaizi solution ensures the quality and manageability of this information as it is transformed into useful business intelligence available across the financial enterprise.


The business analyst and manager’s task is to leverage existing data and identify indicators for the future. Umaizi provides:

  • Quick and thorough ad hoc assessments of existing data

  • Presentation of granular and summarized information

  • Business intelligence for decision support

The flow of information for decision support requires extensive data management both at the department and enterprise levels to address business analysis and reporting, risk mitigation and predictive analytics.

Transform Disparate Data into Actionable Knowledge

Umaizi predictive analytics help the business analyst or manager leverage data from diverse sources to predict future trends and patterns. Existing data can reveal various customer/member behaviors and key business measures of profits, sales, costs and risk. Knowledge derived from the analytics helps institutions understand customers/members or assists in identifying the return on investment of specific products.

Also with Umaizi, institutions gain control of the flow of alerts, and eliminate false positives (suspicious activity that is determined to not be suspicious) which make compliance, investigation and fraud prevention efforts more effective.

Key Features

  • Enterprise data management
  • Business analysis and reporting
  • Predictive analytics
  • Alert generation
  • Eliminate alert false positives
  • Ad hoc assessments of existing data
  • Highly scalable
  • Ensures internal and regulatory compliance

Improve your Business Analytics

Umaizi transforms data from diverse sources into meaningful insight and actionable information to advance critical and strategic decision support.