Aithent Pheme is an affordable and effective way to capture knowledge from internal sources in near real-time and utilize it as intelligence and actionable information for the healthcare professional.

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Healthcare service providers often need to quickly access information from disparate databases to enhance their responsiveness and knowledge about the patients they are serving.

The doctor analyst or clinical department manager’s task is to conduct rapid yet thorough ad hoc assessments of their internal data management systems to view both granular and summarized information.


Healthcare enterprises


Diverse internal data sources


Internal data management

Aithent Pheme

Aithent Pheme offers organizations in healthcare services including hospitals.

  • Healthcare enterprises
  • Diverse internal data sources
  • Internal data management

Clinics and similar healthcare enterprises an affordable and effective way to transform their diverse internal data sources into actionable information and intelligence.

Offers Organizations in Healthcare Services

The reports that are generated need flexibility and availability features because they offer a full view of what is happening now, strictly based on the near real-time information that is fully accessible and readily available.

Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare institutions can use the silo management BI tool Aithent Pheme to connect to any internal Oracle database and generate ad hoc reports by capturing all of the available and relevant data from across the organization.