Aithent Licensing System (ALiS) is an easy-to-use, web-based solution for automating the management of all licensing, certification, and permitting processes.

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Governments face the daunting task of managing complex regulations as well as sophisticated licensing and enforcement activities.

Leveraging over 25 years of experience servicing the licensing and permitting sector with multiple state and local agencies, and over the course of multiple products and versions, we have designed and developed ALiS to meet the needs of agencies tasked with addressing the safety of their constituents. Key features include support for licensing, permitting, inspections, examinations, invoicing and payments, online applications and much more.

ALiS is in production in multiple states across multiple programs and addresses multiple lines of business. Most of the customers we have onboarded over the past few years have chosen our SaaS offering which has reduced implementation time significantly and reduced their overall cost of ownership. Unique to our SaaS offering is the fact that we provide a private cloud option which further enhances security.

The solution has been designed to be deployed as an enterprise solution servicing the needs of multiple agencies. ALiS is “enterprise-proven” and extremely cost effective, e.g. one deployment has over 10 agencies/programs each with their unique licensing, permitting and inspection requirements. Agencies can be added on without impacting other agencies and can each have their own set of rules, workflows, users etc. There is no down time to existing agencies as new programs and agencies are added on.

ALiS is a proven enterprise cloud SaaS solution built on latest technology. Having worked with numerous programs, boards, agencies, and departments, we recognize the need for the system to meet the very specialized needs of each organization that we work with. To address this key requirement, we invested heavily in building the current version of ALiS into a highly flexible and configurable licensing and regulatory process management system. Due to its high degree of customer-driven setup and No-Code business rule configurations, ALiS is a solution with one of the fastest lead times to production.

The solution includes a generic online licensing & inspections framework, having highly configurable components for defining new licenses and permits, endorsements (or lines of business), and inspection forms and applications for managing individual and non-individual (businesses, facilities, vehicles, machinery, etc.) licenses and permits. Different types of licenses and permits can be set up for initial licensing, renewals, reinstatement of expired licenses, and amendment of information applications. Complimentary to this, unique inspection forms can be set up for different type of licenses and permits and for their different compliance life cycle events.

The ALiS framework includes a workflow that can be configured to electronically receive and process different types of applications, routing them to authorized personnel with a verifiable electronic checklist at each node of the workflow.


Streamlining workflows with a single web-based interface


Instantly accessing information for pattern recognition


Managing big data delivering real-time analytics

Aithent Licensing System (ALiS)

ALiS solution enhances government and agency productivity by

  • Streamlining workflows with a single web-based interface
  • Instantly accessing information for pattern recognition
  • Managing big data delivering real-time analytics

For security, ALiS allows administrators to control the information to be shared; only users with appropriate access rights are able to view data.


ALiS manages the regulatory requirements of professional licenses by automating registration, credentialing, and permitting as well as certification, compliance and enforcement activities.

Key Features

  • Citizen self-service – forms
  • Licensing, permitting and certifications
  • Case management, investigation and enforcement
  • ALiS reconciles data with treasury
  • Education and public disclosures
  • Leverage predictive and behavioral rules
  • Reporting and audit