Aithent Licensing System (ALiS)

Governments face the daunting task of managing complex regulatory businesses as well as sophisticated licensing and enforcement activities.

Aithent Licensing System (ALiS) is an easy-to-use, web-based solution uniquely automating the management of all licensing, certification and permitting processes.

ALiS is a comprehensive regulatory solution designed to provide governments with total flexibility in the engagement of licensees and citizens. Aithent is helping more than 22 states realize significant productivity improvements, streamlining and automating many regulatory functions. For these states, ALiS manages the big data volumes associated with regulatory licensing and certification, SARs, compliance enforcement and revenue collection data. ALiS automates critical e-government business processes and workflows ranging from day-to-day case and process management to advanced application development and programming capabilities.

Aithent Licensing System (ALiS)

ALiS architecture enhances government and agency productivity by

  • Streamlining workflows with a single web-based interface

  • Instantly accessing information for pattern recognition

  • Managing big data delivering real-time analytics

For security, ALiS allows administrators to control the information to be shared; only users with appropriate access rights are able to view case data.

Informed Decision Support Delivers Appropriate Case Outcomes

The goal of ALiS case management is to deliver “an appropriate outcome” for each case, based on information management, collaboration, and predictive analytics to support an informed decision. ALiS manages the regulatory requirements of professional licenses by automating registration, credentialing, and permitting as well as certification, compliance and enforcement activities; accomplishing this across multiple departments and industry-specific regulatory agencies, departments and other governmental organizations.

Key Features

  • Citizen self-service – forms
  • Licensing, permitting and certifications
  • Case management, investigation and enforcement
  • Commerce and payments
  • Education and public disclosures
  • Leverage predictive and behavioral rules
  • Reporting and audit

Power up your Regulatory functions

ALiS enhances government responsiveness through collaboration between regulators, the businesses and services being regulated and the citizens regulators are empowered to protect.