Aithent Complaints Manager (ACoM) automates the entire complaint lifecycle, efficiently processing each complaint through resolution ensuring the citizen’s satisfaction.

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The scrutiny endured by public sector organizations grows on a daily basis; being responsive to the demands or complaints of citizens is critical to positive public perceptions.

ACoM assists the government ombudsman official by presenting workflow and document management capabilities to help them improve relationships both with and for their citizens as well as their increasingly inter-connected yet geographically dispersed departmental agencies. ACoM ensures all complaints are registered and received by the responsible government individual, agency or department, efficiently processes the complaint to resolution within the business practices of the agency or department and most importantly, to the satisfaction of the citizen.


Streamlines processes and reduces costs


Automates claims based on insights from historical data and models


Supports examiner reporting with key metrics

Aithent Complaints Manager

All citizen information can be imported and offer a comprehensive view of a citizen throughout the complaint review:

  • Streamlines processes and reduces costs
  • Automates claims based on insights from historical data and models
  • Supports examiner reporting with key metrics

Insure all complaints are registered and received, efficiently processed to resolution within established business practices to a citizen’s satisfaction and in compliance with applicable statues and laws.

Analytics Identify Patterns Enabling Preventative Measures

ACoM tracks and captures all citizen complaints whether lodged with a government agency or department from initial reporting through to final disposition. Multiple complaints by a citizen can be managed individually or grouped together as a single case across inter-connected departmental agencies. All related complaint life-cycle documentation is maintained and stored within the system where analytics can be applied to identify patterns and build highly efficient and effective preventative measures.

Key Features

  • Enterprise Complaints Manager Solution
  • Supports multiple divisions and services
  • Maintains a comprehensive data warehouse
  • Integrates with legacy systems
  • Automated workflows
  • Predictive analytics
  • Audit trail
  • Dodd Frank Act compliant

Key Elements

  • Ability to record complaints received at the help desk
  • Option available to integrate with State website to receive online complaints
  • Support for anonymous complaints
  • Support for one or more complaints
  • Link two or more complaints with ability to search to search for complaints recorded for same respondent
  • Complaint can be recorded against licensed or unlicensed entities
  • Support for one or more complaints, witnesses and respondents
  • Record details as text and with supporting electronic documents and audio / video files
  • Track complaints at different stages of receipt, processing by supervisor, and investigation
  • Referral to Investigate complaints
  • Access control after a complaint is referred for investigation
  • Sanctions can be applied to each respondent against a complaint
  • Sanctions can be issued to an entity directly for missing on notified compliance requirement
  • Apply fines
  • Integrated with central financial management module