Aithent Workflow Manager (AWM) eliminates paper-based processes that drive up costs and place a heavy burden on Loss Prevention, Dispute Management, Compliance, and BSA/AML analysts and investigators.

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Banks and credit unions share information across geographically dispersed departments for most of their operations; they are coming under increasing pressure to reduce time and costs by digitizing.

The AWM solution reduces risk while ensuring that financial institutions comply with regulatory requirements. AWM is a simple-to-use, automated workflow interface that securely manages business processes and includes the ability to capture data intelligently through the concept of forms. AWM transforms a traditional, paper-driven process into an automated, secure, collaborative and optimized workflow.


Automate cumbersome paper-based workflows


Provide digitized e-forms to capture relevant data


Ensure that complete data is sent to reduce the back and forth interactions

Aithent Workflow Manager

The AWM solution easily creates and securely manages all types of forms electronically, tracking the entire life cycle of each form. AWM enhances productivity by:

  • Automate cumbersome paper-based workflows
  • Provide digitized e-forms to capture relevant data
  • Ensure that complete data is sent to reduce the back and forth interactions

Several leading financial institutions are using AWM to create e-forms that are automatically routed to the responsible department or individual ensuring rapid response.

Create and Define Custom Workflows

With AWM, institutions can create company-specific digital forms, gathering only the relevant data needed. This improves the quality of the information captured and allows for real-time engagement with customers. The forms employ the latest AI techniques to guide the user through a set of dynamic questions; based on the response AWM determines additional questions and the appropriate workflow to ensure that all information is captured and sent instantaneously to the back office for processing.

Even if institutions have moved towards technological solutions, often they are still conducting business in a highly manual way. With AWM, once the data is captured, pre-defined custom workflows route the form to the appropriate staff for further processing.

Key Features

  • Create automated workflows
  • Streamline e-forms management
  • Securely manage business processes
  • Create familiar online forms retaining their original structure
  • Automatically complete forms (e.g. uses CIF data to fill out demographic details)
  • Easily add file attachments
  • Electronic signature support
  • User-friendly look and feel