Aithent Inspection builds a government data store for inspectors as they identify and document violations in codes and statutes.

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Government departments and agencies need to automate the management of a wide range of inspection functions.

Aithent Inspection enables government inspectors to audit various business entities to identify and document the codes and statutes that are found to be in violation. For inspectors ranging from health examiners to building inspectors; Aithent Inspection is a robust and user-friendly solution.


Make field inspections more accurate and fluid


Capture multiple disparate data types and formats


Document all of the audit findings

Aithent Inspection

Aithent Inspection provides a powerful solution for streamlining the inspection process, enabling the inspectors to:

  • Make field inspections more accurate and fluid
  • Capture multiple disparate data types and formats
  • Document all of the audit findings

Based on the inspector’s findings from audits; recommendations are made which can affect a business’ ability to renew licenses, permits or meet other government mandates.

Aithent Inspection Reduces Processing Time by 90%

For healthcare examination oriented functions, Aithent Inspection has been deployed and is being used by the Nevada Aging and Disability Services division. They found the system reduced the processing time for their Interpreter Registry services by 90% (percent). Aithent Inspection can be used independently or interface with legacy systems that the government agency or department might have. This Aithent solution provides a secure environment to build and maintain a comprehensive data store for examination oriented inspections of all types.

  • User definable inspection forms
  • Create new inspection checklist and Modify inspection forms with our No-Code platform
  • Define violation criteria for each inspected item differently
  • Score your inspection and build reports
  • Perform Offline inspections onsite under no-internet situation and sync up later
  • Get online or wet signatures onsite from both parties

Key Features

  • Automates management of all inspection functions
  • Acts as a data store sharing data with Aithent Enforcement
  • Streamlines examination oriented inspections
  • Identifies codes and statues found to be in violation
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use
  • Operates on mobile devices
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Manages disparate data types