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Enhance your Dispute Process with ADM

Aithent Dispute Manager (ADM) is a dispute management solution developed to efficiently handle unauthorized transactions and merchant disputes.

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Key features of ADM include

fast forward

Comprehensive dispute case management system

fast forward

Letter generation

fast forward

Managerial oversight

fast forward

Optional transaction posting file

fast forward

Optional active directory integration

fast forward

Optional integration with Topaz signature pad

fast forward

Timeline tracking

fast forward

Audit trail

fast forward

Tracking chargeback

fast forward

Optional integration for Transaction and Account information

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Optional integration with Online Banking software


Reduce regulatory and civil risk


Automate standard policies and procedures


Comprehensive data repository

credit cards

Track Credit, Debit/ATM Card transactions


Generate appropriate letters and notifications

Aithent Dispute Manager

ADM supports key compliance functions through configurable automated processes that ensure all the dots are connected reliably and consistently.

To reduce delays and data entry errors, disputes can be submitted through an electronic form available to the branches and call centers; or if the institution chooses the dispute can be entered by the customer directly. The appropriate attestations can easily be attached, and ADM ensures that every dispute is routed to the right analyst for investigation.

The Challenge

The rapid growth in credit and debit card transactions has seen a serious growth in unauthorized transactions; losses stemming from credit and debit card frauds have surpassed $7 billion a year worldwide. Handling unauthorized transactions and merchant disputes is critical to customer retention and mitigating fraud, operational and regulatory risks.

An automated end-to-end solution is critical to increase the efficiency in investigating and settling the disputes in a timely fashion.

Certified Partners

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
JHA VIP Partner
SaS Silver Partner

Our strategic partnerships ensure we deliver the optimum technology for the solution deployed for your business.

Aithent focusses on the technology solution allowing the Bank or the Credit Union to focus on the business problem.

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