Companies and governments of all sizes trust Aithent’s expertise and solutions to solve their operational challenges and meet their digital transformation needs.

Banking and Financial

Streamline and Automate Risk Management Functions

Streamline operations and mitigate risks associated with fraud, AML, and disputes.
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A Citizen-Centric Approach to e-Government Solutions

Automation is the key for Government agencies to efficiently regulate, enforce and better protect constituents. From ombudsman to licensing and enforcement, Aithent’s Solutions can be easily configured to meet the most demanding processes.
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Helps Insurance Organizations Streamline and Automate Functions

Insurance Industry regulators trust Aithent’s solutions to prevent resource leakage, Investigate fraud, Analyze big data, Generate Compliance reports, and Automate business processes.
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Offers Highly Specialized Healthcare Solutions for Cities and Universities

Prominent Cities and Universities leverage Aithent’s solutions and next generation Electronic Health Records platform to solve some of the most challenging problems facing the industry today.
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Business solutions

Offers Cloud Business Solutions and Services

With a clear focus on improving operational efficiency, Aithent offers software and analytics solutions including custom development services designed to work seamlessly with your software investments.
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Why Aithent?

Aithent has helped advance operational efficiency and performance by developing and applying technology in uniquely effective ways.

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Improve your Dispute Process

Aithent Dispute Manager can be shared by geographically dispersed branches and call centers ensuring that every dispute is investigated in the same way, maintaining your institution’s brand image.

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Press Archives

Looking for more information, visit the Aithent Press Archives if you don’t see what you’re looking for we’d be happy to accommodate your need contact us.

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Aithent recognized as a “Most Preferred Workplace of 2022-23”

Aithent was recently recognized as a “Most Preferred Workplace 2022-23,” presented by management consulting firm Team Marksmen, in association with Media Partner India Today. Aithent’s partner company, Quinte Financial Technologies, also was a recipient of the recognition.

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Stories from our Customers

“Working with the staff at Aithent was a pleasure during implementation. The staff at Aithent has been great, as they have been easy to reach and they are proactive and friendly. They were very nice and quick to solve issues that arose. It was very much appreciated.”
Marilynn Jeanne Hesterlee Health Facilities Inspection Manager
“ALiS has allowed us to automate renewals for personnel licenses providing improved customer service as individual’s don’t have to wait two to three weeks before their license is renewed and has saved a significant amount of staff time. Before implementing the Aithent system we did not take credit cards, with the system in place we now take walk in credit cards, online credit cards and e-checks which has significantly reduced our workload processing manual checks. The staff at Aithent has been great, as they have been easy to reach and they are proactive and friendly.”
Leticia Metherell Health Facilities Inspection Manager
“Initiating Child Care Licensing into an online system was a long time in coming with all the growth the program has experienced in the recent years; however, it has been made all the more worthwhile in its cultivation with the support, assistance and commitment provided to us by the Aithent staff. ALiS has become a centralized location for all of our facility information, streamlining our inspection and investigation processes, and enabling us to better track and access information requested from the public.”
Anna Lisa Acosta Child Care Facilities Surveyor Supervisor
“I can’t say enough great things about ALiS! Your team has provided an exceptionally smooth and timely project implementation- less than a year, wow! We love the system! The benefits of using this ALiS are already evident. I’ve enjoyed working with you, and the product is outstanding. This system has cut our application turnaround time from weeks to days, and in some cases, hours! We’ve integrated the system into our internal business processes, allowing for more complete and correct information gathering, which has led to the most accurate reporting we’ve ever had. ALiS allowed us to get back to engaging with the people we serve, instead of their paperwork.”
Julie Balderson, M.A.

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