Aithent CISO wins Eminent CIO India award 2022

Aithent CISO Ganesh Viswanathan wins Eminent CIO of India award at VARINDIA 20th forum 2022.

Aithent was recognized in this forum & interview/insights of Ganesh Viswanathan- who is SVP-PMO & CISO, Head-IT was published in the Brand book that was released during the event. A Certificate and Award was also presented to Ganesh Viswanathan.

The key priorities of a CIO are improving productivity at workspace and ensuring better monitoring solutions for employees.

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Aithent Technologies


2021 was the second year of pandemic disruption that forced the workforce to work out of home. For achieving the business goals in the New Normal the IT play book is needed to meet the challenges posed by new business models, technologies and regulatory changees. Key thrust areas are improving productivity at the workspace by focusing on the digital agility in a hybrid work environment and ensuring better monitoring solutions for the employees. Also, with business getting digital, cyber threat vectors are getting more sophisticated, complex, severve and omnipresent. From infiltrations on infrastructure and crippling data breaches to ransomware, spear phising, zero-day attacks and brute force one needs a better alignment between business and security function.

Cyber security training of the workforce as well as leveraging Al/MLbased cyber security’tools for better detection and protection of the crownjewels of the business are paramount, Leveraging data analytics to support the business by mining the humongous data that is available to improve the performance is another focus area for the CIO.


The global pandemic, a black swan even has accelerated the adoption of digital transformation. Business leaders are forging ahead with their digital initiatives and digital transformation has become the lifeline of the business.

It helps organization to be agile and alert to the changing business environment, customize the products to the needs and wants of the ever-demandng customers, assist in streamlining and automating the processes thus improving the productivity & profitability.IT to play a pivotal role as a catalyst in this digital transformation thus bringing the CEO & CIO on same course to achieve the business goals.


The Indian tech industry is expected to reach $227 billion in revenue in FY22, crossing $ 200 Billion for the first time with a stellar growth of 15.5% which is the highest-ever since 2011 as per a report from NASSCOM, the IT Industry’s apex body. The IT Services vertical is set to log $116 billion in revenue in FY2022, tre BPM sector is set to clock $44 billion; ER&D vertical $36 billion; hardware segment $17 billion and software products, $13 billion.

By 2026 the revenue is expected to gallop at a scorching pace to reach $ 350 Billion.

Optimizing the World Of Remote Work

IT Forum offers a compelling combination of pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings, brainstorming discussions, and unveiling of the 11th edition of BRANDBOOK which will offer insights into the visionary leadership behind the brands – chronicling their journeys, challenges, and the mindset that helped foster brand excellence.

Key Highlights of Infotech Forum 2022
  • Industry presentations, expert’s speech, Corporate Presentation and three tracks of panel discussion Sessions
  • Readiness for building a cyber safe India.
  • Customers from Government/PSU and enterprise segments will attend
  • Recognizing 100 Eminent CIOs of India
  • 150 CXO’s (CIO/CTO/CISO) and 100 CEOs from the corporate attended the day-long event.
  • Unveil of the 11th edition of Brand Book and Awards ceremony