Aithent listed as a top vendor to the Dialysis Market

Aithent has been recognized as a top key player in the industry as covered in a recent IT Solutions for Dialysis Market Research Report.

The top player list highlighted in the IT Solutions for Dialysis market share report was derived using verified research procedures and assumptions by a reputable independent market research firm. The research report serves as a repository of analysis and information for every component of the IT Solutions for the Dialysis market. Over the past few years, IT Solutions for Dialysis have seen the rise of influential market leaders in the space.

Aithent has a strong focus on providing solutions that enhance the operational efficiencies of our customers. In the healthcare market, Aithent solutions help our customers provide better patient care. In addition to Aithent Renal, our market-leading dialysis solution, Aithent also markets a proven electronic medical record system.

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