Aithent CISO wins Eminent CIO India award

Aithent CISO wins Eminent CIO India award

Aithent CISO Ganesh Viswanathan wins Eminent CIO of India award at VARINDIA 17th forum 2019. The award was received from Mr. S.N. Tripathi Secretary-Parliamentary Affairs-Government of India.

Eminent CIO Award Presentation
Eminent CIO Award

Ganesh’s view on what the CIO’s role needs to be and areas that need to be focused on to make one’s organization more competitive is presented below. This was also published in the Brand Book on ICT Industry 2019 by VARIndia.

“CIO will be the fulcrum on which business will be supported”

Senior VP 1


Senior VP – PMO & CISO Aithent


Enterprise digitization has become the sine qua non for companies to stay competitive. With spiralling digitization initiatives the role of the CIO is getting transformed from operating the IT infrastructure to orchestrating the digital strategy. It is a fundamental shift in the focus of the CIO. From being a support function CIO will be the fulcrum on which the entire business will be supported. The adoption of new technology is it Big Data/Analytics or AI/IoT/Machine Learning or Blockchain is accelerating the transformation. CIOs have to move from a Technology role to a Business role. They should have the ability to be the champion of digital transformation at low cost, rapid speed, low risk, and minimum business disruption. They should be the change agent who will leverage the power of technology to create business value.


As part of making our organizational processes agile and sleek, we will be adopting Robotic Process Automation for automating repetitive processes. It will act as a springboard to make the operations efficient, bolster speed to market and also improve the bottom line by optimizing the costs. It can be implemented across various domains be it Retail, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Healthcare both laterally and horizontally. It will be a real game-changer for the business! An integrated Robotic with Conversational Capabilities integrated with Cognitive layers for low code process automation achieved through intelligent digital workers will bring about a massive transformation of the business.


CIO has a key role to play in protecting the crown jewels of the company from any form of external cyber attacks or internal weakness which is exploited to manipulate or dupe the employees by social engineering attacks which is the root cause of phishing attacks. Another area of prioritization is strengthening the supply chain to become a key source of competitive advantage.

“Intelligent Apps that learn from the user and improve the user experience through AI & ML, Digital marketing, expansion of connected devices and leveraging blockchain and quantum computing are the new buzzwords.”